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Once upon a time in ancient Greece, Milon, the greatest fighter of them all, climbed the Olymp to become a God. After a long and tiresome way, he finally reached the gates.

Here he was greeted by his idol Herakles. But as he came nearer to the gates, Herakles blocked the entrance and said:

„You have won against every enemy and showed the world, that you are the best fighter in existence. You truly deserve to live amongst the gods. But one last challenge remains. “

As he said those last words, Herakles stepped aside to reveal a mirror in which Milon was reflected. „You have to fight your inner self. “…

This game is made for two Players and should be played on one keyboard. The aim of this game is to higher the percentage of your rival and conquer the fight while wrestling.

Key Combination:

Player 1:

Move forward: Key D

Move backwards: Key A

For jump: Key W

Weak attack: Key F

Powerful attack: Key G

To block: Space

Player 2:

Move: Arrow keys

Weak attack: enter

Powerful attack: Backspace

To block: End


Milon-v1.0-release.zip 37 MB

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